Preventive Maintenance Safety Check Look forward to safe and trouble free riding. A great pre-race check.

  • Inspect & adjust shifting systems
  • Inspect & adjust braking systems
  • Inspect & adjust control systems
  • Inspect & adjust drivetrain
  • Inspect tires and pump to recommended PSI
Single Speed $34.95 — Multi Gear $45.00

Performance Plus Tune Up Perfect for serious and recreational cyclist.

Preventive Maintenance Safety Check, plus...

  • Truing of wheels
  • Lubricate all external parts
  • Lubricate all cables and housing
  • Adjusting headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearings
  • Wipe down frame and wheels
Single Speed $49.95 — Multi Gear $74.95

Comprehensive Mechanical Rebuild Ultimate annual service for performance & price.

Performance Plus package, plus...

  • Complete disassembly, cleaning & rebuild of bike and all systems
  • Overhaul & rebuild of hubs, headset, & bottom bracket
  • Disassemble & cleaning of drivetrain
  • Clean and Polish Frame set
Road & Mountain $189.00

Disassembly & Drivetrain Cleaning This will give you that new bike feel. Great with any service package.

  • Removal of all drivetrain components from bike & rear wheel
  • Components soaked and cleaned in parts washer
  • Reassembled, tuned & lubed
Road & Mountain $19.95

Cleaning & Polishing of Bike Keep your bike looking brand new with a clean and shine.

  • Wipe down and cleaning of entire bike
  • Apply a cycling specific frame protecting polish
Road & Mountain $15.00

Basic Fork Service General fork maintenance to keep your bike riding smooth.

  • Remove and clean lowers
  • Replace oil, wipers and seals

Advanced Fork Service In-depth fork maintenance, ensuring a smooth, tuned ride.

Basic Fork Service, plus...

  • Damping system service
  • Air Spring service
  • Lockout system service
Myles fixing a bike